ProjectThunder’s success is due to our definite delivery of your purchase.
You WILL get what you pay for, we guarantee it.
How else could we have stayed in business for over 12 years?

Successful endeavors with our clients require planning, research, and collaboration.
The way our strategy is built allows you and your team to walk through all of our phases of development up to completion. ProjectThunder’s implementation of transparency stems from our desire to inspire confidence as each milestone in the building process is reached.

We pride ourselves on adaptability: changing with the tides and needs of our customers allows us to create long lasting relationships as well as timeless products.

Scrum is an agile methodology that we utilize in all of our projects. We know that to compete in your business you have to be ready to emerge to the newest and most improved innovations. We take advantage of evolving technology with the Scrum process.

Our planning schedules help further your minds ease because when ensure you the low risk you take on when partnering with us. The benefits of scheduling a planning schedule include:

  • Decreases Overall Risk
  • Increases Resource Availability
  • Comprehensive Planning Tools Kit: Questionnaires, SharePoint Portal, and Documentation

The ultimate goal in our planning procedures is to afford you and your team assurance in our collaborative efforts. We believe this begins by having an end game in sight, followed by choosing the best path for your specific needs and giving you access to all improvements and alterations of your projects development.

We implement changes to our organization whenever those adjustments will result in an improved experience for our customers. Partnering with ProjectThunder will allow you to experience a decrease in overall risk as well as a decreased footprint on your resources with our detailed questionnaires and comprehensive documentation.