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ProjectThunder developed the Anvil Brand eCommerce website 4 years ago and has maintained it since. The Anvil Brand is a full eCommerce website that allows you to search, purchase, and save products. This site caters to an experienced horse owner/rider, but also has an inviting usage for the farrier community. The focus for their site is to increase sales, so ProjectThunder has designed details to be clear and to the point. For a sales generating strategy, pictures are available to better understand products and clarify customer purchases/minimize confusion or questions. The design of the site is organized so consumers can find needed products quickly and easily without frustration. Shoppers are able to enjoy their experience and they remain loyal customers. Developer updates can be made simply due to the design of the site. Anvil Brand is a full responsive eCommerce website that ProjectThunder continues to make updates to regularly. The site features a 12-point back office integration to Dynamic Nav.


The BidMagic desktop application/software was developed by ProjectThunder 12 years ago and is still being maintained by us today. BidMagic has an informational website that customers can purchase software from to integrate proposals and project management into businesses. Created to generate bids quickly and easily, BidMagic’s sole purpose is creating bids that are simple to understand yet accurate and detailed. BidMagic understands the importance of an accurate bid and that every job depends on your bid. To continue their attention to detail and simplicity framework, BidMagic paired up with ProjectThunder to develop and design their software. With ProjectThunder’s skills in product development, BidMagic is able to offer their customers top of the line software to precisely calculate bids and proposals. ProjectThunder was the perfect choice for BidMagic to receive their desired results of accuracy and simple to understand design. They needed software that portrayed and represented their message which can be hard for some developers. ProjectThunder has continuously provided results to match their individual needs of properly maintaining their software.

Edibles THC

The Mindful Dragon Calculator mobile app was developed by ProjectThunder. They wanted a creative, fun and hip app to match the tone of their work. This mobile application allows you to calculate potency of medical products by inputting numbers for desired outcomes. Detailed mathematical equations are coded into this application so that mobile users can use it easily. They simply put in desired results and the application computes their data into directions (amounts of product) to use for their recipes. The Mindful Dragon chose ProjectThunder to develop their app because they needed accurate, affordable, creative and quick results. Their main goal for this app is to get their brand and product known so ProjectThunder provided them with a hip up-to-date mobile app to suit their needs.