ProjectThunder has the years of experience and the savvy to bring it all together. With our ongoing demographic analysis, testing and evaluation we will create a web site that converts clicks into sales.
MOBILE iOS, Android, or Microsoft? Touch based user interfaces (UI) are the future. With the introduction of Windows 10 Metro applications you'll be able to take advantage of lower cost development and ease of use on one platform.
Stuck? In our first years of operations we worked with a large number of businesses that had half completed websites and were unable to get to their next step. Because of our commitment to see them launched, we worked endlessly to address their issues and resolve all problems, allowing them to move forward. Our hard work earned us the title of the “fix­it” people of the programming and website world. Although solid planning leads to smoother sailing, we know how to handle an E­emergency and are ready to delve into any rescue mission.

Utilizing this web based interface allows your business to reach new levels of efficiency in cross­team collaboration and decision making in new projects, initiatives, and day to day exercises. SharePoint Business Critical allows you to access critical data, achieve greater mobility, and break down barriers helping you to increase productivity and ultimately your ROI.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is a Microsoft ERP platform for medium to large businesses. Dynamics NAV is a complete approach for customizable business solutions. We will help migrate you to Dynamics NAV efficiently and cost effectively as an ERP solution to your ecommerce.
The creative process is a multifaceted endeavor that leads to great joy when your visions come to life. ProjectThunder relishes in these processes and is eager to assist you in building your dream. Tell us what you envision, and we will get started on the architecture.

Proper planning is essential to successful business practice. We can help with timely product releases, keeping projects on budget, or any other anticipated obstacles.
Web 3.0 allows you to leverage a framework that will help drive engaging campaigns to your target demographic. We help by creating and consulting various forms of media that allows you to reach your customers and clients. Whether your campaign needs a video strategy, viral media, blog integration, or product instruction/demonstration, our media strategies will enhance your pages. With our experienced team of developers and marketers all working in unison as one outlook, we will build a campaign that implements your individual needs with an efficient and cost effective solution.
Operating in the 21st century allows us to be connected at all times and places. As a business owner, reaching out to new customers no longer means waiting around for people to read your newspaper ad. We will assist you in going to where your demographic is, letting them know who you are, what you are doing, and why they should care. We’ve got your back.

Sensible solutions to common challenges and creative requirements. If you are interested in software program that works...Call or email us now for a quick planning session.