Microsoft SharePoint is a developmental tool used for creating web-based working environments. These environments allow you to coordinate your greatest assets without worrying about scheduling alignments - taking your company to the next level of productivity.

As demands of the workforce change, so must your business platform. Whether your company is launching globally, your team needs to be on the road more, or you are opening a new branch/satellite location, SharePoint provides the resources to meet customer and employee needs without sacrificing productivity.

SharePoint allows your business to operate at the optimum productivity level

Does your company have an intranet?

Having a secure intranet creates an environment for efficiency. For example, imagine Juliette meets with a client in New York at 8 am EST. She finishes the meeting and stops on her way to the airport for coffee. She is able to log into her company’s secure web-based platform, and submit her report to the company’s base in Los Angeles, all before 9 am PST. This allows the team in Los Angeles to begin work for the New York client before Juliette checks her bags, without having to sort through emails or risk loss of data from unsecured servers. Communication becomes optimal, productivity increases, and customers see a faster turnaround on their deliveries, products, and services.

Extend your company's internal internet to an extranet for a more ideal operation

SharePoint also has customizable features that can create an extranet in addition to your company’s internal intranet. After integrating SharePoint into your website, you will revel at the software’s vast capabilities.

SharePoint features open portals allowing visitors to obtain information about your company’s mission or how to get involved. The software also enables you to initiate subscriptions to events and sales announcements, even providing you with the platform to open live or e-mail based chats with members of your team.

In need of a change, or changes, within SharePoint? We have you covered. Our support contracts extend as long as you need them. Our knowledge of SharePoint runs deep, and we enjoy utilizing its capabilities to help make your business better.

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