"I feel like anything can be accomplished with the right attitude" - he says smiling.

Meet Alvin Ryan Lopez, Applications Developer and Database Engineer, and Marvel enthusiast.

Alvin began his career in system and application programming for a major motor vehicle company where he oversaw part ordering, asset management, and payroll application systems. Alvin’s strength in application development, database programming, and optimization made acquiring him add immense value to Project Thunder. His loyalty to ProjectThunder and progressive expertise have generated growth and value to the company.

With 15 years of .Net development, Alvin is constantly creating opportunities to improve performance when approaching current technologies and new platforms. He specializes in researching and bridging technological gaps as well as laying the architecture to revolutionize stable operating and application systems. He consistently takes charge of team matters before problems can arise and leads the team with patience, dedication and precise decisions. Alvin has repeatedly conquered the demands of his job and shown great ability to produce, even when under tight deadlines.

Alvin’s positive attitude and encouraging leadership truly make him a primary asset for ProjectThunder. His genuine concern about maintaining quality relationships with every customer and making sure they are treated with the utmost care sets him apart. His abilities assist ProjectThunder in being the best choice for building growth in any business. He is a devoted family man who spends his free time working with Anime model kits and enjoys watching Anime, as well as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.