Calvin Luttrell

"I want long lasting relationships with our clients. We always deliver on time, and that’s important to me”

Calvin Luttrell is a determined, laid-back individual who enjoys making people feel welcome with his compassion and openness. These characteristics developed from a not-so-perfect childhood that Calvin used to assist him with prevailing in the code and developer world. Some see hardships as life sentences, others use them to become even better than they otherwise could have. Calvin chose the second route without question and channeled that energy towards bettering himself. He knew he wanted to help people, so he decided to do so through his own personal technological talents. What better way to assist others than to help their business grow? With his tenacity and inventive thinking, Calvin laid the foundation for a beginning entrepreneur. His foresight in building a technologically evolving business and his dedication to ensuring consistent results has kept his business known as ProjectThunder thriving for more than 13 years.

Calvin's pro-active approach has been implemented into the framework of ProjectThunder. He has created an environment that reduces risks, ensures timely delivery, and allows for transparency through clear and consistent communication with every single client to ensure satisfaction. Calvin's priority in taking care of clients has produced a team of engineers who utilize every resource available to produce success and approach every project as if it were ProjectThunder's own venture. Through ProjectThunder, Calvin assists clients in reaching their full potential by providing solutions and support as company products adapt to new innovations and customer demands increase. Calvin and his team are equipped to get you the results you desire.

As the Project Recovery Guru, Calvin can fix any project that is capable of being rescued. He has an abundance of experience in saving projects that partners thought could not be redeemed and they continue to utilize Calvin’s expertise to keep their projects running smoothly. Most companies will not take on projects that they did not initially start. Calvin and the ProjectThunder crew gladly take on these challenges and pride themselves in satisfying partner expectations. With project rescue, Calvin works out QA and Source Control, UI Testing, Issue Mitigation and any problems that you feel your developers aren’t meeting the standard of. Consultations are free even to non-partners. ProjectThunder is here to help.