Nico’s fresh outlook has proved to be a great asset for ProjectThunder, and his eagerness as well as his determination to be a top quality developer has earned him the title of UI Developer.

Earning his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems (whilst making the Dean’s list), Nico displays a passion for learning that is comparable to none. His free time is often utilized undergoing online training in an effort to deliver the most up to date and proven technologies to our clients. His dedication and strong talents have generated growth within both ProjectThunder and our clients companies.

As the youngest member of ProjectThunder, Nico serves as the front-end builder and UI designer of our clients’ websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other common technologies. Nico’s excellent attention to detail as well as his ability to see every implementation as it pertains to the website as a whole, has excelled him in serving each and every one of our clients. His devotion to ProjectThunder and making sure every client is satisfied has created immense team unity and exceptional results.