Nico endlessly goes above and beyond as ProjectThunders Senior UI Developer. Eager, fresh and limitless, Nico is the youngest member at ProjectThunder. Even so, the results from the work he produces leave clients infinitely unaware of that fact. 

Obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems (whilst consecutively making the Dean’s list), Nico is determined in seeing a job through to completion. From taking lead of the team, delegating how to schedule their time progressively or completely taking over any unfinished tasks, Nico guides projects with ease to solutions.

His skills have him excelling as a Fullstack Developer with focus on front and back end: MVP, UI Designs, Css, HTML5, C#, .Net, and MVC. Nico’s passions lie in creating systems from scratch and creating/consuming web services. When Nico manages to give himself some free time he enjoys spending it with his Husky, playing basketball, playing computer games such as League of Legends or building/customizing his personal desktop.